Differentiators Elements

There are reasons that makes Otepi different, along with the know/how obtained since 1967 that guarantee an efficient performance in developing projects.

Satisfying our clients

  • In every Project executed, we perform data gatherings, generate action plans and follow up the actions executed.
  • Data gatherings that includes: expectations in the startup phase, periodical expectations in the execution phase and closing at the completion phase of the project.
  • Satisfying our clients allows evaluating the Management performance and identifies opportunities to improve and strengths to keep our processes that allow developing new business opportunities.  

Technological Management

  • We are always intended to provide, keep and integrate data and telecommunication systems that strengthen the technological development of applications and better practices that ease the productivity and competitiveness required by OTEPI to render good services and solutions.
  • We use SAP system, for the Comprehensive Project Management and the Document Control Systems.
  • We have developed software according to emerging needs, as data sheets for the Oil & Gas structure facilities to comply with local and international regulations.

 We have the most qualified staff

  • We work to identify, train and instruct the staff in different areas, considering as a fundamental factor to achieve the management goals planned.
  • We are focused on knowing the actual market and its tendencies within the related sector, providing training when needed and making a follow up to the professional development career of all the staff.